Michaela Hickenbottom

Ms. Hickenbottom is a clean-living content creator who uses her life experiences growing up on an organic farm, beating cancer the all-natural way, and parenting two young daughters in an increasingly toxic world to fuel her work. Her passion is to introduce her followers to products and lifestyle changes that promote optimal health and true wellbeing.

    Whitney Hickenbottom

Ms. Hickenbottom writes inspirational, faith-based literature that motivates her readers to dive deeper in their Christian faith and closer to their God in spite of their earthly circumstances. Her essay "The Heart of Hurt" which pulls from her experience with chronic Lyme Disease has been published in the devotional, "Hope Matters: A Collection of Hope-filled Devotions for Those Battling Chronic Lyme Disease and Other Chronic Illnesses" compiled by Janice Fairbairn and available for purchase here (

    M.L. Hickenbottom

Ms. Hickenbottom is a writer of action/adventure and science fiction novels for children and young adults. Her poetry, articles, and essays have been published in various journals, online magazines, and newspapers over the past 18 years. Her five-book series, "The Balloon Brigade" follows three young sisters on their quest to rescue their parents and the world. Her next project is a science fiction/fantasy graphic novel trilogy based on religious folklore.

The Beautifully Broken or "TBB" has evolved over the past decade from an angsty, pop-punk girl band to a matured, pop-synth worship collective where the three members turn their life experiences into musical cries to God. They are currently creating a new EP as well as working to promote and grow other artists.

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